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Application Process 

The Oxford Adoption Foundation works with many families; therefore, our loan funding is limited to $5,000 per adopted child.  The loan is not funded until after the adoption has been finalized.   The family must be working with an adoption agency that will provide the Oxford Adoption Foundation with proof of the finalized adoption before the loan is funded.

To begin the application process, the following items must be submitted to the Oxford Adoption Foundation for review by the Board of Directors:  

1 Home study
2 Tax returns for previous two years
3 Letter of introduction including information regarding your family, why you are adopting and  the reasons for applying for a low interest loan.
4 Most recent pay stub for all applicants
5 Copy of drivers’ license for all applicants
6 All forms included on the next page of the website
          - application form
          - financial statement
          - monthly budget 
          - adoption expense form
          - consent form  


A simple credit report will be obtained for each applicant. 

After review of all application materials by the Board of Directors, if the loan is granted, a Promissory Note will be sent to the applicants for signature.  The Promissory Note needs to be notarized before being returned to the foundation.  The payments for the loan will be set up on an automatic payment program which will begin on the first day of the first month after the loan is funded.  For example, if the adoption is finalized on October 7th and the loan is funded on October 8th, the automatic payments will begin on November 1st.  The paperwork to set up the auto payments from the applicants’ checking or savings account to the checking account for the Oxford Adoption Foundation will be included with the Promissory Note. 

Once the adoption is finalized, the adoption agency they are working with will need to contact the Oxford Adoption Foundation by phone, fax or e-mail and let us know that the adoption is finalized.  As long as the paperwork, including the Promissory Note and the form to set up the auto payments, has been received by the Oxford Adoption Foundation, the loan can be funded immediately.  The applicants will need to let Oxford Adoption Foundation know who they would like the check for the loan payable to.  Oxford Adoption Foundation can write the check directly to the applicants or to their adoption agency.

Following is the interest rate the Oxford Adoption Foundation charges for a low interest loan funded through the foundation:

0% interest rate for the first three years

2% interest rate for the second three years

4% interest rate for the final three years

Total nine year loan which is prepayable at any time

The loan payments are figured over the life of the loan.  For example, a $5,000 loan will have a $48.64 per month payment over the nine year period.

Since the Oxford Adoption Foundation does not fund the loan until after the adoption is finalized, a letter confirming the loan can be furnished directly to the adoption agency at the request of the applicants. 

The Ox 

The Oxford Adoption Foundation would like to receive pictures and updates on the adopted children at least once a year.  The foundation will only use photos of the children on their website with the permission of the adoptive families.  No names of the children will be included.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us.





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