Borrower’s Consent Form A



I _____________________________ (adoptive mother) and I __________________________ (adoptive father) agree to the following:


1.                  Give Oxford Adoption Foundation, Inc. permission to contact the Adoption Agency and Social Worker(s) who are assisting us in our adoption process.  It is our understanding that information obtained via telephone or in written form will be used to determine loan qualification.


2.                  Give Oxford Adoption Foundation, Inc. permission to obtain a recent credit report for the purpose of loan determination.


3.                  If given a loan, we agree to write our adoption story and provide pictures for the benefit of other families who are considering adoption.


4.                  Once the adoption process is complete, we give Oxford Adoption Foundation, Inc. permission to use our story and/or photographs on their website and/or printed material, with the purpose of helping families adopt children.


5.                  We agree to have monthly payments outlined in the Promissory Note automatically debited from our bank account on the first day of each month following the successful adoption of our child(ren).


Bank Name:___________________________________

Account No.:__________________________________




__________________________________________            _________________________

Adoptive Mother                                                             Date



___________________________________________            _________________________

Adoptive Father                                                              Date


Borrower’s Consent Form B




I _____________________________  give permission to Oxford Adoption Foundation, Inc. to obtain a recent credit report for the purpose of determining my ability to act as a co-signer on a loan for _________________________ (Adoptive Father) and/or _________________________ (Adoptive Mother).



Social Security No.:___________________________________


License No.:_________________________________________